Toronto Project

The screenshots above are from Flight Simulator X and do not represent the product currently in development. 

Coming soon, now as freeware: OryxSim Toronto Pearson.

Last status update: April 11, 2023 . ‘Recovery’ of the original project is in progress to facilitate conversion for use in MSFS. To track progress, see the MSFS branch on Github.

It must be noted that this is proving challenging, as the original scenery was built in Gmax which never had broad support for means of exporting the models. A workflow has now been developed to convert the models, though given the fact that many of the tools used have not been updated for a long time issues during conversion are to be expected.   On a positve note, the models of the main control tower, as well as Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 appear to have been (mostly) successfully converted though due to additional work that needs to be done on these remain untested in MSFS as of this update.

Current Status

Active as of April 2023.

Project History

The project has a long history, going back all the way to late 2011. The project was previously under development between 2011 and 2016. The project was resumed in 2018, and again paused in 2019.

Product specifications

  • All buildings accurately modelled.
  • MSFS Jetways
  • Accurate ADE File
  • (Planned) VGDS Docking Systems

Planned Compatibility

MSFS. At the moment, no other platforms are planned as official releases to allow a singular focus.