Back to development!

Back to development!

This morning I was successful at compiling the Toronto photoreal image and using this in FSX. As you can see it lines up in a fairly decent manner with the default CYYZ that Microsoft provided with FSX. Obviously this is going to get cleared and be replaced with my own ADE file and all that.

Why now?

Very simple: I think I have finally found the energy to finish this project. The project sadly entered a ‘development hell’ where I tried to cater to everyone’s demand, in the end satisfying no one because it wasn’t released. This failure was one that stuck with me and I always kept hope that I would be able to release it someday. This effort is to make that happen.


Communication will take place right here and nowhere else. OryxSim used to have a Facebook page, and maybe that will return someday. I have decided to go with a more low-key approach this time around due to past events. Unfortunately I did have a very negative experience with the ‘community’ back then. A few individuals sadly took it upon themselves to criticize, insult and in some cases even threaten me personally, at times based on entirely false information. This sadly was a major contributing factor to the project’s failure back in the day. I know that the vast majority is well-meaning and supportive, and perhaps I should have had a thicker skin back then. That said, I wish to avoid a repeat of that situation at any costs.

I still gladly take feedback and you’re welcome to leave comments under the post below. I however can moderate the discussion and filter out the bad apples if need be; I hope this won’t be necessary this time around.

Next Steps:

  1. Clear the airport of the default buildings
  2. Place buildings that were created as part of Toronto Pearson X.
  3. Insert the ADE file that was originally prepared for Toronto Pearson X.
  4. Night lighting

Clear the Airport

This is fortunately a straightforward step for anyone remotely familiar with FS Scenery development

Place buildings

Earlier this week, I looked at the old betas that I issued to the Beta team and was pleasantly surprised how much was actually completed back in the day. The betas in my possesion have the following buildings:

  • All terminals
  • All control towers
  • All jetways
  • All major hangars
  • Almost all taxi signs

Some minor buildings are missing in the library, but I have also recovered a large amount of Gmax scenes that I will have a look at to see what is there.

Adjusting the ADE file

This will be the biggest task. This ADE file (taxiways, parking positions etc.) was created when I still used a Gmax ground poly meaning that there are likely significant corrections requried to make it line up again with the background imagery. The good news though is that the ADE file was complete back in the day, so it’s rather adjusting than creating something new. This process will likely take a significant amount of my time though.

Night lighting

This will focus on making the airport navigable at night and not much more beyond that. As this is now a freeware project I don’t feel the need as much to creating a super-fancy night rendition. I will do the job that I can given the time that I have a still do my best to make it look nice.

Future Plans

It is my intention to eventually create a high quality rendition of Toronto including custom ground polygons. I will however first finish the basics: it was this part that broke the project back in the day.


I have learned from the past and will not indicate a release date publicly. I of course have something in mind 🙂

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