FS2020 Information Update

FS2020 Information Update

Over the last weeks I have received a number of questions about OryxSim’s plans for the new upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator. Smaller developers like myself yet have to gain access to the SDK, meaning that at this point in time I don’t have sufficient information to make any specific estimates regarding new products.

In case you missed it, I outlined previously in March which products are candidates for new FS2020 sceneries. This remains largely unchanged apart from the fact that Castlegar will be serving as a ‘test airport’ once I’ve gotten access to the SDK and the sim. The reason for this is very simple; it is the smallest airport in the collection which enables me to quickly test things and probably will be the quickest way to establish a proper workflow and to get an general overview of the process.

It does appear to in any case though that there is a need for a significant rework of existing products. This was largely already previously planned as airports are obviously not frozen in time, but it does look like the entire scenery system will be brand new – this means that any previous work cannot serve as a basis to develop a new iteration of existing sceneries. All of this remains to be seen but I would like to point out that this will be likely a hindrance in getting multiple add-ons out this year. I do expect at most to only see the release of one major product (excluding Castlegar) before the end of 2020.

I certainly hope to share more information regarding all of this soon. Like many of you I cannot wait to see what this sim has to offer.

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