Form issue leads to unwanted e-mails

Form issue leads to unwanted e-mails

If you have arrived here because you have received an email from OryxSim: a feature of the OryxSim website was abused by a spammer for nefarious purposes. I sincerely apologize to anyone having received the e-mails and I’m making sure this won’t happen again in the future. All forms on this website have been temporariliy disabled due to an external party abusing the system and (attempting) to use it as a way to send out spam.

OryxSim did not create these e-mails nor does it endorse these e-mails in any way. If you clicked on any of the links please conduct a virus scan of your computer.

What happened?

An external party used our reputation to send out spam. They were able to do this because the support system for customers would send out a copy of the information that was submitted to the customer in question. The system however did not take into account the possibility that it would provide a way to send other people email they did not request and that’s what happened. The external party created fake support requests using e-mail addresses of strangers to send out spam.

Was there a hack?

No, the system wasn’t compromised. If you received mail from OryxSim it is because the spammer obtained your information elsewhere. The information in the OryxSim database was not compromised in any way.

Update: 13/05/2020 12:55PM CET . Forms are available with new enhanced security measures. Please note that you no longer we’ll receive a confirmation receipt in your email until we know for sure that the situation is under control.

If you need to contact OryxSim, please use .

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